March 20, 2024

March 03, 2024

Sept 26, 2023

Such an amazing journey on board…great food…attentive service by the crew.
We would love to be back again on board soon and will miss everyone.

The boat had such beautiful and intricate details to the design and layout.

Edmond and Yihva

Aug 21, 2023

Ocean Pure is an amazing boat.
It is the kinf of “place” where you see you back and back again…
With great food and refinements.

It was just perfect !
At the beginning I must be honest, I was afraid to be boring but at the end,
we don’t want to leave the boat !
It will stay on your mind for long.
Paul & Anita Nataf

Aug 14-21, 2023

Ocean Pure “is a Paradise”.
Steffan est un manager hors pair, tout était parfait.
Aucun reproche, aucune fausses notes, que du bonheur.
Nous reviendrons, c’était parfait.
“il est où le Bonheur ? il est là”.

Ocean Pure is a Paradise.
Steffan is an outstanding manager, everything was perfect.
No complaints, no false notes, only happiness.
We will be back, it was perfect.
“where Happiness is ? there it is”.

L. Cohen

Aug 2023

Ocean Pure was an unbelievable experience from the beginning to the end.
The staff was amazing […] Definitely will try to come back !

Ocean Pure heaven is a better name as that’s how i would describe this amazing journey.
From the food to the diving, drinks and staff, everything was perfect !

What an amazing trip ! We have loved every minute.
J. & B.

27 July – 1 Aug 2023

Dear Crew,
Thank you so much for the incredible experience and amazing service!
We can’t even begin to describe how much we enjoyed this trip.
Nothing less then a floating paradise.

The service was impeccable, the great smiles & our 4 year old son has never been in better hands!
We enjoyed the many activities & adventures so much!
Especially the barbeque evening was absolutely amazing, great to meet the band
(let us know when you decide to give a performance somewhere:))

Special thanks to the Chef(s), we loved all the food,
and we loved that we didn’t have to think about what to eat ourselves 🙂

Thank you so much for everything we’ll be coming back 🙂
XX Fam van Oostrom

16-21 July 2023

“Thank you for all the fun and exciting moments that we’ve had.
I really want to come back to Indonesia it was my best holiday EVER !”
Jaan Choraria.

Ocean Pure has made this trip so memorable and beautiful.
One of my best holidays and definitely something I would love to repeat.
If I came back to Indonesia it would be first to be on Ocean Pure again.
We were so well taken care of by lovely crew, so helpful and so caring.
Lovely vessel! The best I’ve been on.
Rekha Choraria.

“Thank you guys for making this trip so special.
The crew have been absolutely phenomenal and truly made the trip so special.
Shiv Choraria.

“This trip will remain with us all for many years to come.
What an adventure ! Thank you for Ocean Pure crew for making us feel like we had a floating home,
and for all the new and memorable experiences.
This week has been filled with many laughs, jokes and most importantly turtle spotting! Best”
Tara Lakshmi Choraria.

COLDMAN family April 2023
“Absolutely fabulous, staff, food, company, views and experience amazing”

“A floating paradise – Crew exceptionally hospitable and caring. The food has to be the best in Indonesia”

“The great customer service, attention to details accomodating staff has made our 4 days the most perfect. We can’t wait to come back on board again !”

“A truly amazing and incredible cruise and experience – Constant attention provided by the whole crew”

BUCK family  April 2023
“This has been an amazing trip with delicious food and drinks, snorkeling – most of all the big smiles from everyone every day !”

“Great service, delicious food. The crew is super attentive and caring. We hope to come back soon”

Nelson MATTOS – 20 December 2022
“Impossible to know what we enjoyed the most… Incredible service of all staff… incredible, relaxing, fun and wonderful trips .”

DAVIS Family – December 2022
“We had the absolute best adventure…delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners…so sad to see this trip come to an end…already trying to figure out when we can come back. “