The waters of Indonesia are an epicentre of biodiversity offering the world’s most varied concentration of marine life. With hundreds of unique, colourful coral reefs, warm water and exotic, tropical marine life, it’s a paradise for divers
and snorkelers of all levels.
Your very own dive master is stationed aboard the yacht, ready to take you
on the most incredible adventures. After setting sail to the most beautiful areas offering the most breathtaking diving, you will be provided with brand-new, professional equipment before setting off to discover the ocean
and its enchanting inhabitants in total safety.


Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with more than 17,000 islands.
The entire region is filled with picture-postcard, sandy, secluded beaches
waiting to be explored, as well as volcanoes to climb, tropical rainforest to trek through, prehistoric dragons to walk with, traditional villages and ancient temples to visit, friendly tribes to meet, and the beauty of nature and its wildlife to admire. Every day promises something remarkable and unique!
Our staff will guide you as you discover the rich natural surroundings and biodiversity according to your own personal itinerary.


A talented chef and an assistant are at your service, ready to introduce you
to the full flavours and variety of Asian cuisine. Each island puts its own twist
on its dishes, which are as rich and diverse as their cultures. Let yourself be guided, or choose your own, bespoke daily menus. The chefs can craft delicious Indonesian delicacies, but are also qualified in western cuisine.
Every meal is a new discovery, as OCEAN PURE also focuses on the culinary arts. Each breakfast, lunch and dinner will be a chance to discover new glassware,
table sets and tablecloths. You can choose to enjoy your meals outside
on the main deck, or in the cool, air-conditioned dining room,
while still admiring the stunning, 180-degree views…
Why not organise a picnic for lunch on a white sandy beach in the shade of the palm trees, or an evening BBQ while watching the sunset on a deserted island? Everything is possible, and the staff will take care of your needs from start to finish!


Get ready for a real holiday experience thanks to the 12-member crew.
True luxury! Butlers, housekeeping staff, sailors, the captain, the dive master, the massage therapist and the cruise manager are all at your service, 24/7. Each crewmember is always on-hand when you need them, and they all have a natural ability to provide the best service with a genuine smile.
The trademark magic of Indonesia!