Ocean Pure

Boasting 17,000 islands, of which 11,000 offer untouched wilderness, Indonesia is brimming with both cultural and environmental riches, as if it were 100 countries all in one. As 80% of its surface is spread across islands, a boat is the best way to discover and enjoy the full experience. OCEAN PURE offers six destinations at different times of the year, ensuring you’re always in the right place at the right time.

Lombok & the Gili islands

March to September

The Komodo Islands

March to September

Alor archipelago

September to December

Sulawesi & surrounding Islands

April to October

Maluku & Banda Islands

October to April

Papua & Raja Ampat

November to March



From March until September

This string of islands offers lush greenery in the north, almost arid deserts in the south, and boasts a diverse abundance of marine life, legendary surfing spots, impressive volcanoes and tropical forests.
Imagine deserted islands ringed with white sands and palm trees, lapped gently by the warm turquoise sea…

The programme includes snorkelling with turtles off Gili Meno, diving with reef sharks at Shark Point, trekking up volcanoes on Lombok Island, and experiencing a magic mushroom evening on Gili Trawangan…



From March until September

Get ready for spectacular hilly landscapes coloured jade-green in the winter and deep red in the summer, tumbling down into the turquoise sea. This national park is a divers’ paradise, and the convergence of warm and cold currents have created a particularly rich, nutritive environment. These conditions foster the development of plankton, and the marine animal life is incredibly diverse. The reefs are in excellent condition, and the beaches are carpeted with pink sand thanks to the abundance of red coral found on the seabed.

This trip includes scuba-diving with manta rays, whales, dolphins and whale sharks, snorkelling with turtles and seahorses, and trekking to discover stags, tropical birds and the renowned Komodo dragons…



From September to December

Both wild and strikingly beautiful, with steep peaks, white sandy beaches and bays of crystal-clear water, this isolated archipelago is the perfect place for unforgettable diving.
Explorers can expect coral walls, crevasses, caves, untouched reefs, thresher sharks, toothed whales and more…

The islands enjoy incredible cultural diversity, and you will be delighted to discover the friendly inhabitants composed of more than 100 different ethnicities, ancestral and animist traditions, and authentic villages of beehive-shaped huts…



From April to October

This island combines the allure of cultural heritage with the richness and beauty of its natural surroundings:
- Visits to Toraja villages. These settlements are composed of incredible sculpted and painted wooden houses, and their people have spectacular funeral traditions.
- Hiking up volcanoes to meet the black macaque monkeys.
- Discovering the boatyards used to build Pinisi ships, an ancestral masterpiece made by the Bugis people. The two-mast schooners – like the model offered by OCEAN PURE – are still made entirely by hand on the magnificent white sandy beaches, caressed by the shade of the palm trees. A must-try experience you won’t forget in a hurry!



From October until April

Welcome to the spice islands! Nutmeg and cloves were highly popular during the 14th century, but were only found in one place in the world – on the trees of the Maluku islands.
This far-flung archipelago boasts the wildest, most stunning nature, with volcanoes, forests, jungles, caves, and rocks covered with clove and nutmeg trees.
The untouched, idyllic beaches are waiting to be discovered, leading into a deep seabed literally carpeted with multicoloured coral gardens.
The islands also have a longstanding history, defined by villages in a time of their own, welcoming tribes, former colonial towns, and military forts.



From November until March

This region to the far east of Indonesia is an adventurer’s dream, and OCEAN PURE can take you there! Papua is inhabited by tribes who live according to ancestral traditions, and offers lush green valleys, rivers winding through the jungle, and a generous coastline. The island is home to a variety of ecosystems, including savannahs, mangroves, tropical forests, glaciers and coral reefs. New species are constantly being discovered on the island and in the surrounding waters.
To the north of Papua, the Raja Ampat archipelago is made up of 1,000 islands boasting a mix of steep hills, jungles, deserted white sandy beaches, hidden lagoons, caves, mushroom-shaped outcrops and clear turquoise water.

This archipelago is located in the “Coral Triangle”, considered to be the heart of the world’s biodiversity and contained within a sea filled with the most varied species of coral in the world.
Picture yourself swimming in a wild, tropical aquarium, in water so clear and surrounded by so many fish that you don’t even need a mask. The marine fauna and flora are so diverse and dense that scientists view the archipelago as a centre of biodiversity. They even estimate that the local reefs enable the natural repair and reconstruction of the barrier reefs in the South Pacific and Indian oceans.